Property Management


Thanks for visiting our website and let me introduce ourselves. We are the only on-site management company that exclusively manages the largest pool of apartments on behalf of investor owners here at The Landings.

The reason we are the largest is simply we offer the best service which sets us apart from outside agents for the following reasons:

1. We are owners too

Yes that is right. As part of the on-site management team we also have invested in The Landings and there for we have a vested interest in making sure the building is not only keep up to the best possible standard but we work closely with the owners committee and the Body Corporate to make sure the long term maintenance plan continues this standard.

2. We live onsite

As we live with in The Landings we make sure we qualify the tenants that apply to become residents here. Yes there have been apartments raided by Police and several apartments damaged due to Property managers not qualifying their tenants. In the end this can cost the owners a lot with lost rent and insurance premiums.

3. We check out any Issues Before Calling Tradesman

There can be 1000 residents in The Landings at any one time so the apartments can get the fair share of use. As expected little maintenance issues pop up every now and again and as we know this building back to front we can often fix issues as we have seen them all. The main point is that we will have a look first before calling any tradesman as a lot issues are a 5 min fix saving our owners $$$

4. Having Boots on the Ground

As we are on-site and interacting with the owners committee and the Body Corporate we have our finger on the pulse.

5. Competitive Management Fee

Our Management fees are very competitive with the outside agents and with the service we provide it just makes sense to use our service.

So don’t wait and contact to discuss how we can be of service to you….

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